Aero Falcory Offers Effective and Affordable Pest Bird Abatement Solutions for  California Businesses


These noisy, messy, and  aggressive birds can turn a property into an unpleasant mess. Their feces carry disease and their raucous cries can overwhelm any business as they fill the sky and perch in trees by the hundreds. Crows are naturally fearful of a falcon, flying or on the glove and will react immediately to the predator.  Crows are a protected species and can be harased and driven away only by a federally permitted abater.



One of the most destructive pest birds, their feces carry several diseases that can be shared with humans. Walking on droppings or attempting to sweep them up can send out thousands of air-born particles, which in turn can be breathed in by humans. Feces clean up, nest removal, and handling of pigeons requires special techniques that Aero Falconry staff are trained to peform. Most pigeon infestations will necessitate a trapping and removal program, which may or may not involve flying birds of prey. 


The primary nemesis of vintners and farmers, this small, noisy bird can devastate thousands of dollars worth of crops in a matter of days. Showing up in small groups to scout the field, they soon return by the thousands. Flying falcons and hawks from sunrise to sunset just before and up through harvest has proven the most effective means of saving crops. Starlings are also destructive burrowers, making nests in commercial properties and creating mess where it is most unwanted. These birds are an invasive species and are usually eradicated with trapping and flying raptors.


A protected species, gulls can be harrased by falconers only at special times. Airports, landfills, and coastal properties are hardest hit. Flying falcons is most effective at motivating these aggressive birds to move on. Aero Falconry works with the business owner prior to breeding season when eggs and young cannot be touched to prevent incursions of adults seeking to set up house.



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About Aero Falconry

Providing commercial properties, vineyards, airports and landfills

with abatement solutions using

trained birds of prey.

Aero Falconry  works with your business to create a unique and highly effective strategy for ridding the  property of pest birds. By using  trained hawks and falcons to create a predatory presence,  invasive species will flee.  Falconry-based abatement techniques capitalize on the predator's power to intimidate, eliminating the need for more harmful devices such as poisons and nets. And although using loud noise-makers, predator calls, and mylar tape may work at first, the effect is always temporary without the true predator there to back up the threat. 

Falconry-based abatement is growing in popularity and has been used successfully at shopping malls, business parks, vineyards and fruit orchards, airports, and landfills. With a special permit from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service,

Aero Falconry is authorized to help business owners rid their properties of pests such as crows, pigeons, sea gulls. starlings, and sparrows.


Business owners are also reaping the marketing benefits of using this natural  form of pest eradication. Birds of prey are publicity magnets. Falconers are often approached by the public to describe why they are there and what they are doing, creating a very favorable opinion of the business.

Aero Falconry personnel will be happy to speak with the public and press to promote this "green" and eco-friendly endeavor if you desire. Special news interviews, demonstrations,  and tasting room visits are always a big hit and beneficial to the business.

For more information about our services, contact us for a free consultation. We look forward to creating an effective abatement program for your business.